Matthew May

​​                                    ​Matthew is from Dallas, Texas and is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas. As an overachiever in school, he was named on Chancellor’s List and has been active in the

​​                                    Student Alumni Association, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.  While earning his degree, he has also been working toward his

​​                                    goal of becoming a professional pilot. He currently holds his commercial pilot certificate and is a CFI. He plans to use the scholarship toward continued flight training in pursuit of his

​​                                    dreams of being a professional pilot..

Scholarship Application Deadline has passed.

2018 Scholarship Recipients



David Hagen

​​                               David is a college graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Studies.  In 1992 he obtained his Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Commercial and Instrument rating. Although

​​                               his passion was always aviation, it became unattainable due to cost. In order to stay involved in aviation, he became a flight attendant where he has worked for the past 29 years. With

​​                               the scholarship money from FullThrottle Aviation, he plans to circle back to his original dream of being a pilot and begin training for his CFI and CFII.


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The scholarship application deadline has passed for 2019. Winners will be announced prior to September 30, 2019

In 2019 we are offering two (2) tailwheel endorsement flight training scholarships valued at approximately $1600 each. The window for applications begins on June 15, 2019 and ends on August 30, 2019. Scholarship deadline has passed for 2019. Winners will be announced prior to September 30.

Scholarship Application Documents:

  • 250-500 word essay detailing your interest in tailwheel airplanes
  • Resume

On June 15, there will be an online form on this page that will allow you to copy and paste your resume and your 250-500 word essay. This is the preferred method for submitting your application. If unable to use this feature, please email both the resume and essay to: After submission, essays and resumes will have the names redacted and current FullThrottle Aviation pilots will vote for the winners.

FullThrottle Aviation Tailwheel Training Scholarship
Number of Scholarships: 2
Approximate value: $1,600

Differences from 2018: The applicant must have only a minimum of a private pilot certificate.

The FullThrottle Aviation Skills Enhancement Flight Training Scholarship is for a pilot who is looking to expand their skillset with a tailwheel endorsement with the intense 3-day course curriculum. All training will be conducted with Delaware Valley Taildraggers, a FullThrottle Aviation company, located at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport (KPNE). Ground training & flight training (to a maximum of 8 hours of flight instruction) will be provided. Additional training needed over 3 days and 8 hours of training will be billed at $180/hr for dual instruction. Lodging at a local hotel will be provided for 2 nights, and the instructor will provide local transportation (from Philadelphia (PHL) , Newark (EWR), and to/from the hotel near KPNE). Recipient is responsible for all travel expenses if they are not in the local area. Applicant must weigh below 250 pounds.

More details about the course and syllabus can be found at:

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current private pilot certificate or higher level 
  • Pilot must be current and have flown 10 hours in the preceding 90 days.
  • Current 3rd, 2nd, or  1st class medical (no BasicMed)


Sara Bernal

​​                                    Sara is a native of Tempe, Arizona. She became a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines in February 2015. Sarah began her flight training in August 2017 and is currently working on

​​                                     her Instrument rating and Commercial certificate in Arizona. She is planning to use the scholarship funds to continue toward her Instrument rating and Commercial pilot certificate.

Manuela Cortes
​                                                      Manuela is a passionate aviator who recently graduated with honors from Florida Institute of Technology. Throughout her time at Florida Tech, Manuela was an active

​                                                      member of the college community, serving as President of the Women in Aviation Club, VP of the UNICEF Club, and as a Resident Assistant to upperclassmen students.

​                                                      She now holds a Commercial Multi-Engine certificate and is working on her CFI. Ultimately, she hopes to become a professional airline pilot in the near future. She plans to

​                                                      use her scholarship toward obtaining her seaplane rating in Alaska. Manuela says that she would not be where she is today if it weren’t for the endless support of

​                                                      scholarship sponsors like the FullThrottle Aviation scholarship committee who believed in her and gave her the opportunity to pursue her dreams.