"I wanted to take a second to                                                          express my complete

                                                    satisfaction with Sarah

                                                    Rovner and Fullthrottle Aviation.

                                                     I called Sarah last minute and

                                                    she was able to accommodate a ferry flight for my Citabria from Austin to Chicago. Not only did she did it in nearly one day, but when she got here she would not leave the plane outside while a chopper was nearby in fear that it might blow the Citabria into a hangar. It's the little things and the extra effort that makes people wonderful in aviation. Thanks again, Sarah. I'll give you a recommendation any time you need one."
-Jason Noll
​, Chicago, IL, Owner of Citabria

COVID-19 NOTICE: We are delivering internationally without restriction.

We are not accepting applications or hiring for pilots at this time.

Featured multiple times in Flying Magazine! We employ professional ferry pilots - including Airplane Owners, Mechanics, and ATPs!

We finish the job. We won't cancel on you or leave you stranded at the last minute! Our ferry pilots have successfully delivered over 500 planes!

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If you are having problems, we can try to fix them.

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Ferry pilot services - Safe, on time, and on budget!

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                                                     "...When I purchased my dream AC, I needed to source a ferry pilot that

                                                     could move it for me.  After searching Barnstormers, I came across many

                                                     listings from pilots that were eager to provide this service, and while most

                                                     were quick to respond to my inquiry, I soon learned that very few were fully

                                                     insured.  It didn’t take me long to realize that Sarah Rovner & FullThrottle

                                                     Aviation was the ONLY choice that could move my prized Titan T-51Mustang

                                                      the required 1700/mi.  Sarah was GREAT from start to finish, and once contracted, she communicated with me every step of the way...with daily updates at the end of each day...While I have moved several AC in the past, Sarah @ FullThrottle will be my future choice the next time a ferry pilot is needed … She is the BEST, and provided me with a ‘First Class’ service experience that I would highly recommend without hesitation.​"

- Gerry B, Vancouver, Canada 

  • Ferry pilot services worldwide
  • Insurance checkouts & flight training
  • Paperwork, permits & pre-buy inspections
  • ​Customs brokers

Airplane Ferry Pilot Services

We ferry airplanes at competitive rates.

We require owners to obtain their own insurance policy on aircraft that we ferry.

  • Houston & Dallas, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Newark, NJ & New York City Area
  • Boston, MA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Chicago, IL
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Iceland
  • ​Belize, Central America
  • International & Domestic Ferry Pilot Services - North America, South America Ferry Pilot, Central America Ferry Pilot, Caribbean Ferry Pilot, North Atlantic Ferry pilot, Oceanic ferry pilot, Transatlantic ferry pilot, Europe ferry pilot, Tailwheel Ferry Pilot

Insurance Checkouts

We can offer an insurance checkout upon delivery

Now working with Global Aviation Logistics to provide handling, permits,

airworthiness conversions, and delivery of large aircraft. We have also 

provided jobs to many qualified pilots who have lost their employment

due to the COVID pandemic.

We pride ourself on being the premier service for aircraft delivery and ferry pilot services. Featured in Flying Magazine, we take pride in having the best reputation in the industry. We offer domestic & international ferry pilot services, as well as decades of combined expertise in aviation.​​ As the industry leading service for aircraft delivery, our professional ferry pilots have experience in over 400 types and will deliver your plane safely, on time, and on budget.

Aviation is our passion. Many of us own our own planes, and we know that each airplane has its own personality, soul and heartbeat. Our team of ferry pilots and industry leaders understand aircraft ownership and we want to help you fulfill your dreams. Our mission is to not only deliver your airplane, but provide a memorable experience that will have you feeling confident about your decision to hire us.

Although we specialize in challenging routes, countries, and aircraft; our pilots have combined experience in over 400 different types and can ferry almost any plane. Between around the world flights and decades of experience over water, our transatlantic and international ferry pilot experience allows us to deliver anywhere in the world. Additionally, we deliver piece of mind by being only one of the few commercially insured ferry pilot companies.

Most of our ferry pilots are aircraft owners, mechanics, and ATPs, which allows us to treat the aircraft like it's our own with a high level of experience and professionalism. Check out our reviews and consider joining the ranks of many satisfied customers.

If you are a new pilot to the industry and want to know more about being a ferry pilot, we want to help you succeed. We normally offer an annual scholarship program. See the Scholarship tab above for more details.

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"I just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on delivering my 1942 RYAN PT22. I know it was a challenge to fly this open cockpit antique aircraft  of 74 years from Texas to Naples, Florida. Cold OCTOBER weather at altitude... Propping the engine at every stop and just accomplishing a perfect delivery of the very first

RYAN model airplane I owned at age

20 in 1956. I am so happy and you

deserve all the credit.Thank you Sarah

and I would recommend your  ferry service to

anyone in the future."​

 - Lloyd E., Naples, FL, Owner of PT22

Our ferry pilots are experienced professionals who want to give back to the next generation of aviators. We offer scholarships and an intern program for new pilots who are interested in ferrying!

"Having bought an Ag-plane, I contacted Sarah, inquiring for ferry services. On short notice, she Ferried my Cessna 188 from Alberta Canada to Belize, Central America. Took good care of my plane en route. Very prompt delivery. From my experience, I can tell she is very well qualified as an International Ferry Pilot. Excellent skills with communicating with her client. I recommend Sarah as your next Ferry Pilot."

- Arley D.
 Belize, Central America

​Global Services for a Global Industry


Safe, On Time, and On Budget!

"I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying Marcus Narcisse as he ferried my newly acquired Cessna 182RG to Riverside, CA. He is an exceptional pilot. He landed the airplane smoothly in gusty condition that approached the airplane's max crosswind limitations. I was favorably impressed with his airmanship, professionalism and constant commitment to my personal comfort and satisfaction. My next flight will be from Riverside, CA to Anchorage, AK. You can bet that Full Throttle

Aviation will fly my airplane to Alaska. A special

thank you goes out to Marcus, Sarah and Full

Throttle Aviation."

- Capt. Gregory S. Young, Owner of Cessna 182

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  • Safety 
  • Quality
  • Competitive cost
  • ​Quick and Constant Communication
Global Aviation Logistics LLC

"I had the pleasure of using the services of Sarah Rovner and Full Throttle Aviation LLC to ferry a Christavia Mk1 from Deactur , Illinois to Ocala, Florida.  From the very first contact through the completion of the ferry flight Sarah could not have been any more professional. Never having had anyone ferry an aircraft for me, especially a tailwheel airplane, raised high concern in selecting a pilot to do the job safely. Sarah’s vast experience of the ferrying of a variety of aircraft and her safety orientation and the fact that my aircraft was fully insured by her Company made my selection much easier. The flight was quickly and reasonably quoted, flown on schedule and the aircraft arrived safely and

unharmed. I was given a website link that allowed me to watch the progress of her flight and

I found that to be a very nice perk. If you are in need of having an aircraft ferried, I would highly

recommend that you contact Sarah Rovner at Full Throttle Aviation in Houston"

- Garby B., Ocala, FL, Owner of Christavia MK1

First International Ferry Flight!!!

"You guys have really been awesome --

I knew I could trust you to get the job done, even in crazy times like these. I'll be sure to recommend your services to anyone who needs a ferry!"

- John D,
Repeat Customer

April 2020

keys to

                                                           "With the busy holiday season and marginal weather conditions during                                                              November and December, I knew it would not be possible for me to take

                                                          the time to transport  my recently purchased A-1 Husky myself.  The                                                                    seller arranged for Sarah Rovner from Full Throttle Aviation to

                                                           transport the airplane from  Baudette, Minnesota to  Rexburg, Idaho.

                                                           She gave a very fair and detailed quote which the seller and I agreed to,

                                                           and then kept me informed as we came closer to the delivery date.  I was able to follow her progress with the help of her Inreach device along the entire course of travel. Despite weather challenges, Sarah delivered the aircraft on time and was very professional, cautious, and safe. Upon arrival she gave me a detailed review of the performance of the aircraft through the flight.  I would rate her service as outstanding and would recommend her to anyone interested in ferrying services. "

- Kevin L, Owner of Husky, Rexburg, ID


We used Full Throttle Aviation to ferry our

new purchase from Texas to Iowa. Sarah

was quick to write an estimate and send

out a contract to explain the transaction.

She made sure to use a pilot who was

familiar with our model and Victor kept us

informed from that point. It ended up

being a 3 day trip because of weather and he kept in touch at all times.

We felt confident that our plane was in good hands! Victor kept track of his expenses and we actually got a refund! The delivery was also done during the Covid-19 pandemic to our satisfaction. Overall we would highly recommend Full Throttle Aviation and it's services to anyone.  

-Ted & Linda Brigger, April 2020

“I cant speak highly enough about my experience with Bart, Sarah and Full Throttle Aviation! You guys should be proud at your attention to detail, efficiency, and most importantly safety practice. Great job all the way around and Bart was a true professional. I need to find another airplane just so I can let you guys deliver it! kidding....sort of!"

- Jason Craig

​Owner of Waco biplane

Oklahoma City, OK

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