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"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah at FullThrottle Aviation. We had a unique situation and she was more then accommodating. She was there on time and delivered the plane without any issues. Thanks again for a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to ferry there next plane."

- Trent O.

​Sprinfield, MO January 2017

"Marie-Claire did a great job delivering my airplane quickly and safely. She also took the time to go over any small quirks about the airplane she found along her way.. Thank you Full Throttle Aviation!

- Lucas W.  5/13/2017

"I had a nervous energy about a stranger flying my new plane. But after talking with Sarah and reading Full Throttles Aviation’s web site, I finally agreed. My ferry pilot was Mackenzie Odom and I couldn’t have asked or a better experience. I got frequent updates, in-flight pictures, and in-flight video of my planes performance. Mackenzie flew from ICT to LZU (677 miles) and was within 10 minutes of the time given to me the day before. She also found the most reasonable fuel prices along the away. Upon touchdown, Mackenzie took the time to go over the plane and systems she observed along the way. In the end, I came in $70.00 under budget in which Sarah offered to mail be the refund. I want to send a special thanks to Mackenzie, Sarah and the Full Throttle Aviation team."

- James B., 6/28/2017

"After searching for a while, I recently found the aircraft I wanted halfway across the country. I contacted Sarah and got a very reasonable quote. I was very pleased with Marcus' communication and the care he took with the aircraft to plan and deliver it between some weather with no disruptions or delays that would have driven the cost up. I would highly recommend Full Throttle Aviation."

- Matt Aker 10/9/17

"With the busy holiday season and marginal weather conditions during November and December, I knew it would not be possible for me to take the time to transport my recently purchased A-1 Husky myself.  The seller arranged for Sarah Rovner from Full Throttle Aviation to transport the airplane from  Baudette, Minnesota to Rexburg, Idaho.  She gave a very fair and detailed quote which the seller and I agreed to, and then kept me informed as we came closer to the delivery date.  I was able to follow her progress with the help of her Inreach device along the entire course of travel.  Despite weather challenges, Sarah delivered the aircraft on time and was very professional, cautious, and safe.  Upon arrival she gave me a detailed review of the performance of the aircraft through the flight.  I would rate her service as outstanding and would recommend her to anyone interested in ferrying services."

- Kevin L

  Rexburg, ID, December 2016

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"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sarah on ferrying my plane from Texas to Colorado. She was extremely flexible and kept great communication throughout the process. As a student pilot I requested to fly it back with her and gained an abundance of knowledge along the way. Sarah is a skilled pilot and crossed the Rocky Mountains with ease and kept us away from dangerous weather. I highly recommend using Full Throttle Aviation!"

- Dan C.

​Rifle, CO  8/7/15

"Sarah was able to quickly schedule a 1300nm ferry for me very quickly. Mackenzie was a new hire but acted with the professionalism of a veteran. There were constant updates and photos from almost every stop along the way. She had fun throughout the entire journey and I felt like I was along with her for the ride.
The ferry even came in under the original estimate.
I would definitely recommend Full Throttle Aviation. A+."

- Brian Lutton, Maryland 5/28/2017

"Having bought an Ag-plane, I contacted Sarah, inquiring for ferry services. On short notice, she Ferried my Cessna 188 from Alberta Canada to Belize, Central America. Took good care of my plane en route. Very prompt delivery. From my experience, I can tell she is very well qualified as an International Ferry Pilot. Excellent skills with communicating with her client. I recommend Sarah as your next Ferry Pilot."

- Arley D.
 Belize 5/29/2015

"I had the pleasure of using the services of Sarah Rovner and Full Throttle Aviation LLC to ferry a Christavia Mk1 from Deactur , Illinois to Ocala, Florida.  From the very first contact through the completion of the ferry flight Sarah could not have been any more professional. Never having had anyone ferry an aircraft for me,  especially a tailwheel airplane, raised high concern in selecting a pilot to do the job safely. Sarah’s vast experience of the ferrying of a variety of aircraft and her safety orientation and the fact that my aircraft was fully insured by her Company made my selection much easier. The flight was quickly and reasonably quoted, flown on schedule and the aircraft arrived safely and unharmed. I was given a website link that allowed me to watch the progress of her flight and I found that to be a very nice perk. If you are in need of having an aircraft ferried, I would highly recommend that you contact Sarah Rovner at Full Throttle Aviation in Houston"

- Gary B.

  Ocala, FL 9/8/2016

“Sarah was recommended by the shop that I picked to do a full restoration of my 1957 Super Cub. She was very thorough on the initial communications and was easy to work with not only on the planning but also on the final schedule dates. After departure, I was able to track her progress from Miami to Dallas and she even sent some photos of the airplane at each fuel stop. After completing the flight she sent me a detailed log on the performance of the airplane. I enjoyed having Sarah as my ferry pilot and would not have any hesitations of using her again in the future. “

- Juan R.
  Miami, Florida

​"I called Sarah to inquire about ferrying my Bonanza from Johnson City, TN to Houston, TX.  I got an immediate quote which was very accurate and was put in contact with Marcus Narcisse.  Marcus kept in constant contact and handled the whole process.  It was easy, simple and my Bo arrived safe and sound and in time.  Great experience!"

- Kevin K, 4/14/2017

"I just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on delivering my 1942 RYAN PT22. I know it was a challenge to fly this open cockpit antique aircraft  of 74 years from Texas to Naples, Florida. Cold OCTOBER weather at altitude... Propping the engine at every stop and just accomplishing a perfect delivery of the very first RYAN model airplane I owned at age 20 in 1956.  I am so happy and you deserve all the credit. Thank you Sarah and I would recommend your  ferry service to anyone in the future."

- Lloyd E.

  Naples, FL, October 2016

"As a CDN pilot holding a PPL, I am not legally allowed to operate an ’N-Reg’ AC in the USA, so when I purchased my dream AC, I needed to source a ferry pilot that could move it for me.  After searching Barnstormers, I came across many listings from pilots that were eager to provide this service, and while most were quick to respond to my inquiry, I soon learned that very few were fully insured.  It didn’t take me long to realize that Sara Rovner & FullThrottle Aviation was the ONLY choice that could move my prized Titan T-51Mustang the required 1700/mi.  Sarah was GREAT from start to finish, and once contracted, she communicated with me every step of the way, from the time she left her home base in Houston to the time she delivered it in OH, with daily updates at the end of each day.  Her rates are reasonable and any added expenses for time and weather were more than fair. While I have moved several AC in the past, Sarah @ FullThrottle will be my future choice the next time a ferry pilot is needed … She is the BEST, and provided me with a ‘First Class’ service experience that I would highly recommend without hesitation."

- Gerry B.

  Vancouver, Canada, November 2016

"My thanks to FullThrottlle Aviation ferry service for delivering a Citabria I bought from Pennsylvania to Minnesota. It was done on a last minute's notice at a fair and honest price. Special thanks to pilot Marie-Claire Laberge for going the extra mile and her prompt professional and courteous service. My next ferry job will probably be with FullThrottle Aviation!

- Joe Mikulich -  Bovey, MN , 4/4/17

"The day that Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Sarah of Fullthrottle Aviation ferried our plane (C182T, G1000) from West Houston to Waco and safely out of harm's way. The cost of having the plane moved was 100% reimbursed by my insurance company. Sarah was very professional and even went the extra mile in helping us find a hangar to weather out the week under cover! I would recommend her for all your ferry needs!"

- Rick Marriner, August 2017

"Thank you so much for the care you took of C-GJVM while ferrying it for us. You were on time and accommodated our request in a short amount of time. It was great to be able to track where our plane was at all times and your updates were helpful so we could all meet in a timely fashion. My boy enjoyed his wings that you gave him! You were very professional and handled all the needed paperwork with ease. Thanks again Sarah and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the future!"

Joel and Jace Koskan

​Seattle, WA 9/18/2016

I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying Marcus Narcisse as he ferried my newly acquired Cessna 182RG to Riverside, CA. As an airline captain, I felt quite capable of flying the airplane from Smyrna, TN to Riverside all by myself. After all, in the last three months I had flown the 182RG with a CFI for about 5 hours to get a feel for the airplane and flying single pilot IFR in the general aviation environment. I was not as proficient as I wanted to be but still felt I could make the flight alone. However, my wife insisted that I have someone fly along with me. In hindsight, she was absolutely correct. I dread to think where I would be stuck if Marcus was not with me. Marcus was keenly aware of the weather and selected routes and departure times that would keep us clear of any inclement weather that would delay the flight. He is an exceptional pilot. He landed the airplane smoothly in gusty condition that approached the airplane's max crosswind limitations. I was favorably impressed with his airmanship, professionalism and constant commitment to my personal comfort and satisfaction. My next flight will be from Riverside, CA to Anchorage, AK. You can bet that Full Throttle Aviation will fly my airplane to Alaska. A special thank you goes out to Marcus, Sarah and Full Throttle Aviation.

- Capt. Gregory S. Young, 4/2/2017

"I wanted to take a second to express my complete satisfaction with Sarah Rovner and Fullthrottle Aviation. I called Sarah last minute and she was able to accommodate a ferry flight for my Citabria from Austin to Chicago. Not only did she did it in nearly one day, but when she got here she would not leave the plane outside while a chopper was nearby in fear that it might blow the Citabria into a hangar. It's the little things and the extra effort that makes people wonderful in aviation. Thanks again, Sarah. I'll give you a recommendation any time you need one."

-Jason Noll

​Chicago, IL 11/9/2015

"Outstanding job by your ferry pilot Deborah. I was extremely pleased with her frequent communications on the progress of this cross the USA flight.  I was happy to go over all the new avionics with her before she left California and I know that she really took advantage of all of the tools available to her in the cockpit. The plane arrived in perfect condition in Georgia and the local FBO complemented Deborah on her professionalism and asked me if I could share your company information with them since they were so impressed! This trip came in less than your quotation and Deborah timed the trip legs perfectly so she missed several severe weather systems.

Overall I can strongly recommend your company and its fine pilots!!"

- Dan Van Hise, 4/4/2017

We had invested almost a year looking for the right airplane.  When we finally found one, we were elated; an Oshkosh winning classic taildragger! ...With our busy work schedules, how were we going to get the airplane from Aurora, Colorado to our home in the hills of West Virginia? With an enroute distance of over 1,100 miles, we knew this would be no easy task; especially in the middle of winter. After contacting the handful of friends we knew we could trust with our airplane, we realized we were out of options... One of them, however, recommended Sarah Rovner at Full Throttle Aviation.  He said that she had a solid reputation and might be able to help. From our initial contact with Sarah, we knew we were in good hands.  She was professional, knowledgeable and offered to put together a quote for delivery of our airplane.  The quote we received consisted of a detailed flight plan, timeline and breakdown of all costs.  We knew we had found the perfect solution. Sarah assigned one of her pilots, Ben Tiffany, to ferry the airplane.  Ben's interaction with the seller when he picked up the airplane was 100% professional.  Ben kept us up to date as to his progress every step of the way; he was truly a pleasure to deal with. Upon arrival at our home field, Ben gave us a detailed description of how the airplane performed during the trip as well as some recommendations as to its operation. We highly recommend Full Throttle Aviation. They are knowledgeable, organized and professional.  Thank you Sarah and Ben for a job well done!

- Chris K


"We are pleased to have used your service, Full Throttle Aviation, and you to ferry our Ercoupe to Texas. You are as down to earth as can be with skills far beyond the clouds. A true professional that came through in flying colors. Thanks so much for your quick service and may God bless you forever. "

- David & Terrie Strange, Tupelo , MS May 2017

"I recently needed a Husky ferried from Georgia to Massachusetts and contacted Sarah upon the a recommendation from someone who had used her services in the past. She picked up the plane early morning and the new owner had it that afternoon just outside Boston. She has a broad range of experience with all makes and types and her charges are very reasonable."

- William B.

  Tifton, GA 10/1/2016

"I just wanted to thank you for delivering my Piper Pa-28 180 from Daytona to Houston. Full Throttle kept me informed from the first moment of contact to final delivery. In fact my wife was not able to be present at delivery and our ferry pilot Marcus took the time to call her and congratulate her on the new plane and provided details about the flight and how it flew “ What a personal touch”. I strongly urge anyone needing ferry services to contact Sarah at Full Throttle Aviation."

- Billy S.

  Baton Rouge, LA, November 2016