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Companion Course

Do you fly with a family member, spouse, or close friend regularly in your airplane?

If the answer is "yes", then a companion course seems perfect for you!

During the Companion Course, your companion will learn to land the airplane safely in an emergency. Depending on the level of proficiency desired, the course will be individually tailored to meet your needs. See information on the Companion Course below....

Our "Companion Course" is designed to instruct your regular companion, whether it be a family member, spouse or friend, how to operate your airplane and land safely in an emergency. This will give them more confidence when flying and is designed to ensure that they have the necessary skills to deal with an unexpected emergency.

The following subjects will be covered through a combination of ground and flight training:

  • Systems Specific to your airplane
  • Basic Navigation
  • Communication
  • Landing

​We offer this training in any single engine airplane! The duration can vary based on the individual and skill level requested. Please call or email for details

Transition Training

We specialize in transition training and insurance checkouts for new owners of aircraft, including:

  • Lancair Legacy
  • Beechcraft Baron
  • Beechcraft Bonanza
  • Glasair III (Glasair 3)
  • Vans RV12
  • Sonex
  • Super Cub 
  • Carbon Cub 
  • Experimental Cubs
  • Cessna tailwheel aircraft (Cessna 170, Cessna 180)
  • Cessna 182 or G1000
  • Cirrus (SR22/SR20)
  • or perhaps one of the other 200 types we have experience in!

We can travel to you... anywhere in the country! 

Advanced Training - Customized for yoU.

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AQP Flight Review

Save lives: Prevention Is no Accident!

Spend a day with our seasoned Master Instructor and obtain a flight review specifically geared toward preventing Loss of Control through advanced training.

Featured on Flight Chops, this AQP flight review is a BFR that will give you confidence to handle your airplane in emergencies. 

​About AQP AFR:

It is voluntary! There is no requirement to participate. If you want to participate and train to an advanced level, you can have any CFI fly with you and use this guide for preparing for and taking the AQP AFR.

What happens if you fail? Nothing! If you fail any maneuver on the AQP AFR, you become aware of an area that you are deficient in, and you have the opportunity to do more study, Practice, Review and Improve!

Download the syllabus here.

​Find more Information at:

A note from Dan Gryder, Flight Instructor

Our community, via voluntary Grass Roots efforts

in awareness and self-guided improvement is the

first step in reversing the trend.

The entire point of this new Flight Chops video is

to introduce these concepts, and to highlight the

major differences that are so lacking in the GA

world. We do not have to sit on the sidelines and

accept another senseless fatal GA accident every 1.7 days!

Finally, we want to illustrate how to practice, review, and improve! Together we can IMPROVE!

Accelerated Ratings Course

Are you almost finished with your training and just need the last bit of TRAINING and CHECKRIDE?

We can come to you and get the training finished with our Accelerated Ratings Course.

Finish your private pilot's license in a week! Finish your multi engine in a week! Finish your Instrument in a week! Finish your commercial in a week!

Finish the following in a week:

  • Private
  • Multi-Engine
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Advanced aircraft checkouts

All prerequisites will need to be finished (written, solo & cross country requirements, etc). Contact us to learn more and go over your custom training program.

Flight Instruction on the Ferry Flight Home

Come along on the adventure and received training on the ferry flight!

Did you buy an airplane that you need some instruction in? We can provide training upon delivery or we can have a ferry pilot accompany you during the delivery.

It's the adventure of a lifetime to fly an airplane across the country, or even to the other side of the world. Many of our customers want that experience, but need an experienced pilot to go along and handle all the planning, paperwork, and make sure the plane gets there safely! We have accompanied owners to Europe from the United States and all over the U.S. domestically. Our pilots will not only provide a memorable experience and safe flight, but many become lifelong friends with their customers. Let us share our passion and knowledge with you, and let's go flying!

We also have several flight instructor ferry pilots on staff with thousands of hours of teaching experience. If your insurance requires a checkout, please let us know and we can arrange training upon delivery.