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houston executive airport (ktme), 1900 CArdiff rd, brookshire tx 77423 | updated JANUARY 2024

KENAI MUNICIPAL AIRPORT (PAEN), KENAI, ALASKA, 10672 KEnai spur hwy #112-248, kenai, ak 99611

FAA WINGS Activity Codes for Each Exam:

  • PRIVATE PILOT (Initial Certification Part 61):  A071102-02 
  • PRIVATE PILOT (Initial Certification Part 141):  A071102-02-141
  • ​COMMERCIAL PILOT (Initial Certification Part 61): A071102-01
  • ​COMMERCIAL PILOT (Initial Certification Part 141): A071102-01-141
  • INSTRUMENT RATING (Initial Certification Part 61): A070502-03
  • INSTRUMENT RATING (Initial Certification Part 141): A070502-03-141
  • FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (Initial, Renewal, Reinstatement using a practical exam): A071024-01
  • FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (Instrument Add On): APT-CFI Additional Rating - Instrument
  • FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (Multi Engine Add On): APT-Initial Certification - MEI
  • ATP Initial Certification (non-type rating): APT-Initial Certification - ATP
  • ATP Type Rating: A071102-05

How to Get WINGS Credit

Step 1: Create an account at

Step 2: Find the activity that corresponds with the practical exam completed (see list of activities to the right)

Step 3: Request validation with a validator. You can use Sarah Rovner if you completed your exam with her.

Step 4: Validator completes, and you will get an email with your WINGS phase completion!

The short video below shows these steps:

WINGS Credit for successful practical exams

Get WINGS credit after getting a new rating or certificate!